Registratour FZE is a RAK-based consultancy and resourcing firm and the licensed company service provider in the United Arab Emirates. We are registered and licensed under the rules & regulations of the Ras Al-Khaimah Investment Authority, UAE.

As the leading business consultant in the United Arab Emirates, we have more than 11 years of extensive experience in the accounting & finance and regional management industries as well as 8 years of extended experience in local economies, laws and procedures. Located in the Amenity Center Tower, the central business district in RAK, Registratour FZE is an ambitious and growing company in the heart of the UAE that aims to guide foreign entities in the region in achieving their potential.

Launched at a time of global financial slowdown, we managed to assist individuals and entrepreneurs in company formation by identifying opportunities that yielded results. Today, we are recognized as the leading advisory firm for business setup for foreign investors.

At Registratour FZE, we strive to provide comprehensive range of business consulting services in management, resourcing, and support to meet our clients need. Doing so allows them to operate their business efficiently globally with a growing potential. Right from helping you choose the proper licenses for company registration to preparing the business plan and preparing the necessary documentation, we act as the backbone of your investment.

As one of the leading registered agent, our wide range of services include but are not limited to free zone and offshore company registration, bookkeeping solutions, professional advisory, bank account opening, business setup consultation, administrative support, and more! Registratour FZE is operated by an ambitious team of highly motivated individuals who speak Arabic, English, Chinese as well as other languages.

At the core of Registratour FZE, we value long term relationships with our clients and partners. Our ability to assist our clients in different types of situations makes us the preferred choice for local and foreign investors in the UAE!

Let us assist you with consultation and resourcing that can help you fulfill your individual and business needs TODAY!



Our 11 years of extensive experience in accounting & finance and regional management as well as 8 years of extended experience in local economies, laws and procedures make us the preferred choice for foreign investors. 


As the leading UAE-based consultancy agency, we value long term relationships with our clients and guarantee their privacy. Our price is fully transparent and among the most competitive. we consistently rank among the best in the country. 


Our dedicated experts who have the qualifications and expertise are specialized in the field of company law and administration. We are determined to guide your next business venture to imminent success!


Having helped open more than 500 bank accounts for individuals and corporates globally, we can help you set up a local or international bank account just when you need one.


Our proven track record of successful projects in incorporation, development, support, and management can help drive value for your business project.