Other Jurisdictions

If a RAK company is not the best solution for you, we also offer clients offshore registration and bank introduction services in many other offshore jurisdictions.

The form below is a list of our most requested jurisdictions. In all cases, we have quoted the basic incorporation information.

The majority of IBC’s has NO tax, and do NOT need to file accounts or audit reports. Yet, certain jurisdictions require an audit. Thus, books and records must be maintained, likewise VAT (in the case of Cyprus and Malta).

It shows the standard tax rate in low tax jurisdictions on the list. Although this can often be reduced with careful planning.

If you are not completely sure what you need, please contact us before ordering a company.

Click on the jurisdiction to get detailed features:

 Anguilla                      Belize

 BVI                               Cyprus

 Delaware                     Gibraltar

 Hong Kong                 Malta

 Mauritius                    Panama

 Ras Al-Khaimah         Seychelles

 Switzerland                 Singapore


Registratour – 2017 Offshore Jurisdictions Comparison:

CountryTime FramePublicly
Min Registered CapitalMin ShareholdersMin DirectorsNon-Residents DirectorsLocal Secretary RequiredReporting RequirementTaxation
Anguilla2-3 daysNo$50,00011YesNoNoNo
Belize2 daysNo$50,00011YesNoNoNo
BVI5 daysNo$50,00011YesNoNoNo
Cyprus5 daysYes€5,00011Yes
Cyprus recommended for tax residence.
Delaware2 daysNo$50,00011YesNoNoNon-resident aliens are not taxable by the US on income generated out of the US.
Gibraltar1 weekYes£2,00011YesYesOnly On Gibraltar Income10-20%(Only on Gibraltar Income)
Hong Kong6-10 daysYes$10,000 HKD11YesYesYes16.5%(Only on HK Income)
Malta1-2 weeksYesNot set11YesYesYes35% with 30% refund
Mauritius3-4 daysNo$112YesNoNoNo
Panama2-3 daysYes$10,00013YesNoNoNo
RAK48 hoursNoNot set11YesYesNoNo
Seychelles1-2 daysNo$5,00011YesNoNoNo
Switzerland (S.A)10 daysNoCHF100,000
(50,000 must be
paid-up at formation)
11Swiss ResidentNoNo
(Accounting is required
but not auditing.)
Switzerland (S.A.R.L)10 daysYesCHF20,00011Swiss ResidentNoNo
(Accounting is required
but not auditing.)
Singapore1-3 weeksNoNot set11 residentSingapore CitizenYesYes17%
UK7-10 daysYes£1,00011YesYesYes19%-30%