Bank Account Opening

Planning to open an Offshore Bank Account for yourself or your company ?

  • Registratour has extensive experience with both private as well as corporate bank account opening in 8 key banking jurisdictions, with over 18 of the world’s leading top tier banks
  • Provides maximum confidentiality.
  • Registratour is recognized as a partner by banks with the highest quality reputation and a long track record of financial excellence. A rigorous application and drafting procedure is applied before a bank has the opportunity to cater its services to Registratour’s international clientele
  • Registratour is partnered with banks that have guaranteed low fee structures, and a customer focused approach.

Where can I open my bank account? Click on the jurisdiction below to get more details:

 Belize                     Cyprus                          Dubai                      Hong Kong        

 Mauritius               New Zealand              Panama                   Switzerland      


Here are some of the banks Registratour work with

What banking facilities are available?

  • Multi-currency accounts;
  • E-banking;
  • Trading in shares, currency and other titles;
  • Interest bearing accounts;
  • Credit card and debit card;
  • Letter of Credit;
  • Individual Personal Client Support;
  • Savings Account;
  • Term Deposits;
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading;
  • International Payments; 
  • Secured Loans and Mortgage


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Important. Banks change their criteria frequently and without notice. Clients are therefore requested to send required documents without delay in their own interest.

General facilities provided pic

Bank Compliance Procedures

In recent years, banks have been under increasing pressure from their regulators. Such as FATCA, OECD and the EU. These changes have made it harder for international customers to open offshore bank accounts. Banks are requesting more details from customers. For example, they even ask a newly registered company about who the company will make payments to/receive payments from. Likewise, detailed business plans are requested even if it is a consulting company. It can be frustrating. Yet, if any of the information is not presented, bank will turn down the application.

Thus we have developed a banking network and expertise which enables us to open accounts for all companies we register. Obviously, the final decision to open an account depends on the bank, but our account opening success rate is close to 98.6%.

Our professional status as "International Corporate Service Provider" and our signing of a good conduct charter give us the status of "eligible introducer" in the eyes of financial establishments in general.

As a result of this, opening an account and managing the dossier are much simpler. We can also open bank accounts by correspondence for the majority of banks with whom we work.